Welsh Folk Dance

Cylch Y Cymry (Welsh Council)

  Formation: Large circle men with their partners on their right facing partners.  

Music: Any 32 bar jig.

Shake right hands 4 times.

Shake left hands 4 times.


Clap own hands together 4 times.

Clap both partners hands 4 times.


Slip to the centre 4 steps and back.

Slip to the centre 4 steps and back.


Arm right with your partner twice around.

Arm left with the person behind (new partner) once around.


End in a double circle men on the inside ladies on the outside facing anticlockwise and promenade.


Men pull new partners in front of them to start the dance again.


Watch it on Youtube - Cylch y Cymry

Dancing a Welsh folk dance Cylch y Cymry at Court Colman Manor, near Cardiff, Wales.


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