Fotostory about the 7th Project Reunion in Fălticeni,RO, June 10 to June 6, 2009

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Musicians at Hanu Ancuţei

Questionaire for students during our Art / Autumn Festival on October 18, 2008

Gallery: Art in the region - Kandinsky and Münter
Material developed by Birgit Oberschmid, Montessori-School Peißenberg, including
some students' works.

Fotostory: 5th Project Reunion in Appiano Gentile, Italy, from May 19 to May 25, 2008

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Slide Show: Lovis Corinth

To show the Powerpoint presentation in the writing originally intended you will need the free font "Sketchy" which you find underneath. Put "Sketchy" in your folder "fonts" in "Windows".
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Our common European heritage: Art

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A Bavarian winter song

Ja wanns im Winta schee staad schneibt, is Berg und Tal in Ruah.
Denn um die liabe heili Zeit gehts net so gnädi zua.
Da ruck ma hoit a weni zamm, und auf d'Nacht, do werds fei,
geit's Kletznbrout, so vui ma ham, und an Johanniwei.

Und wia's beim Kletznbrout so is,werd d'Nachbarin aa glodn.
Na kimmt da beste Loab an'n Tisch, dass' siegt, wia's Zeig is g'rodn.
Und wia's so geht, aa sie versteht's und packt des seini' aus.
A Loabai hi, a  Loabai her, des gibt an kloana Tausch.

Der Raufrost hot si ans Fenster g'richt, tuat scheene Bleami moin.
Und s'Dirndl bloost an'd Scheim und spricht: Bua, s'Kletznbrout derfst hoin.
Und wann hoit s'Dirndl woaß net recht, wos für an Buam dass' mecht,
na schneidt's hoit rundum s'Loabei oo, denn Scherzal san gnua dro.

When it snows during winter times mountains and valleys rest in calm.
As during Christmas time nature is pretty tough.

That's why we gather and sit close to each other and at night it's going to be nice,
dried fruit bread will be served, as much as we have, and wine from red currents.

And as it happens with the dried fruit bread the neighbour gets invited,
Then the best loaf gets on the table so that she can see how successful the baking was.
And as it happens, she also is able to make good stuff and unwraps hers.
One loaf in this direction, one loaf in the other direction, it's just a little swap.

Frost settled down on the window pane and painted beautiful flowers.

The girl blows against the window and says: "You may fetch the dried fruit bread!"
And if the girl  doesn't really know which one of boy she prefers*
she cuts the loaf on all sides, because there are enough end pieces on one loaf.

Song: Fischbachauer Sängerinnen - Fischbachau singers

* Acoording to an old custom the girl would give the end piece of a loaf of bread to the boy she prefers as a sign of her affection.

A theatre play we performed for our guests, May 2006

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