A Bavarian Christmas / New Years' Custom:
Perchtenlauf - Run of the "Perchten"

Easter and our Easter traditions

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Traditional Bavarian Costumes

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Pictures from the 1st Peissenberg "Köhlertage" (charburners' days), May 26 to June 6, 2009

Hard to believe, but true: For a long time, people in Peissenberg didn't know that they were literally sitting on a mountain of coal. Therefore, charcoal was produced from wood to provide craftsmen like blacksmiths and the early industry with the heating material they needed to generate high temperatures. The association "Bier und Tradition" (beer and tradition) took pride in demonstrating to Peissenberg's population how the production of charcoal worked. Our class Venus had the chance to see the charcoal stack short after construction and to get all questions about it answered by the experts at the site. An excellent exposition in a tent explains the backgrounds.

Where is the connection to beer and tradition? As the charcoal stack needs to be guarded by day and by night it was obviously a good opportunity to invite everyone to party in the evening.

Peißenberg - site of a coal mine

Peißenberg's history was linked to the coal. Coal mining in larger scale started in 1837. The mine was closed in 1972. Today there is a museum that displays the miners' specific culture and reminds of the times when the mine was the biggest employer in town.

Miners' tradition: The miners' dance

Das Steigerlied - The Foreman of Miner's Song

Though the song originates from the Erzgebirge mountains in Saxonia it is a beloved custom of Peissenberg's Knappenverein to sing this miners' song. The scenes of the clip above were not filmed in Peissenberg but correspond with scenes shown in the movies at our mining museum. Thanks to those who put that clip together!

Bavarian custom: Erect a May Tree